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Allerton Building University

The University had a request for nursing teaching space in one of their oldest buildings. This work involved a lot of demolition to make large teaching rooms (all solid brick). The teaching space was spread over three different floors but all in the same building.

Value: £280,000

Timescale: 13 Weeks

First Floor Allerton

We carried out the structural work and all of the demolition in a three week period managing a large amount of operatives to demolish the walls in the most effective way, minimising the down time and the trips from the fourth floor to the skips.

The design of the teaching space continued at the start of the project due to the late request of this space, there were lots of changes to the rooms, but we managed the changes well and the project was handed 10 days after the contract programme. It came slightly over the original budget but this was due to a few design changes and asbestos that was found in some areas during the demolition programme.